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The title provides extensive customization

MapleStory M, the famous PC rpg, has arrived on Maplestory 2 Mesos Android


MapleStory M is an rpg adventure that derives in the PC edition of the homonymous MMORPG in 2D.


The title provides extensive customization and character growth choices and allows you to forge objects and learn more about the pyramid of Nett, populated with monsters and mummies.


It'll be possible to boost the figures together with the jewels hidden in the daily dungeons and try to find Mu Gong, the martial arts master of the Mu Lung Dojo.


This mobile version delivers the ability to activate and deactivate the automobile quest at any time and face the Zakum boss in celebration raid up to 10 players, but when the beta is Maple Story Mesos closed all progress will be dropped.


MapleStory M is available for Android free of cost, supported by discretionary advertisements and in-app buys, and needs permissions to access: program and device background, Wi-Fi connection info, photographs, media items, and documents. The sport page can be reached in the Play Store by clicking on the badge that you find beneath.

Publicerat klockan 05:10, den 31 maj 2018
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