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Relevant reports did not disclose the NBA Live Coins

Relevant reports did not disclose the details, but it has pointed out that Wenger is willing to renew, but this thing has been dragged on for half a year did not complete, Wenger's attitude played a decisive role, his idea is perhaps, Satisfied that the final to ensure that the top NBA Live Coins   four, and beat Hull City to meet the FA Cup after the Wenger will be peace of mind in the new contract signed pen.
The professor wants to be responsible for the status quo and future of Arsenal, and his fate affects the other members of the coaching staff, including Primorac, Boulder, Banfield, Payton, Colbert, and now The club side for these coaches to provide a two-year new contract, but they renew the premise that Wenger must renew, once Wenger choose to leave this summer, Primola
Colbert and Payton and others are likely to leave. However, all members of the Arsenal Medical Group do not have to worry about staying, they have agreed to renew to 2016 years. Wenger is renewed depends on the final results of Arsenal this season, today came the good news is that the four opponents Everton accidentally lost to the Crystal Palace, Arsenal as long as the remaining four full 12 points can be ranked fourth , At this critical time, such as
Ozil if the superstar rush to the team so it is very important, and he was in the March 11 1-1 draw Bayern in the game hurts hamstring, nearly a month Has been recuperating, and local time yesterday, Ozil personally confirmed that his return soon. Ozil wrote on his Facebook: "I finally went back to the training ground with everyone training, and now I am in a good situation, very NBA 2K MT looking forward to quickly re-enter the game." After
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