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Is Maple Story Mobile filled with bots

Maple Story's lead in the space taken with it the amazing quality that Maplestory 2 Mesos accompanies every breakout victory, but it was precarious at the same moment. A idea is simple to replicate, and the execution could be improved upon by someone with more muscle. Epic saw that and took advantage.

Is Maple Story Mobile filled with bots?

After only one round of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, I was hooked. The game works nicely and feels true. It even has that delicious tension that I love in the PC edition of the game, all in a portable package I can play on the couch or in the vehicle. And if I'm bad at it. After three games, I had one second-place finish and one third-place, along with a kill/death ratio of 4.66. But I'm beginning to think that there is something screwy going on.

Our friends over at The Verge, who've been following the growth of the cell version quite closely, appear to believe there could be bots in this game, designed to introduce a meaty goal and exude confidence in fresh players. They've been enjoying the Chinese version of the game, which was released a bit earlier than the version here in the USA, for approximately a week longer than we have. Here's their take:

1 big difference from the other variations is the existence of bots, apparently made to help new players get to grips with the sport. As you level up, the proportion of real players to go to this page bots increases, and it's easy to distinguish the difference -- that the robots are fairly dumb and don't put up much of a struggle. This may be disappointing to listen for everyone who plays for the first time and is astounded by their own latent skill level, but it is a clever way to ensure individuals have a good experience when they first play Maple Story.

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