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Russ might go Oscar next year

On another note....Russ might go Oscar next year. In this era that NBA Live Mobile Coins would be crazy— Austin Rivers (@AustinRivers25) July 4, 2016 This tweet on was July 4, which was the day that Kevin Durant announced he was leaving Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors. We all knew Westbrook was going to have a huge year, but he continues to surprise us every single night. You’re right, Austin, this has been crazy.

Russell Westbrook can’t stop. He’s running on nitrous traveling 135 mph down the highway about to drive past every reasonable expectation for a human NBA player during a single individual season. He didn’t record a triple-double on Wednesday — which would have been his 42nd this season, breaking an NBA record for triple-doubles in a season — because he was saving something for the Thunder’s final four games. 

That’s the only reason I can come up with, at least.Instead of breaking an NBA record that’s more than 60 years old that was considered to be unbreakable before this season, Westbrook instead recorded a simply unacceptable stat line: 45 points, nine rebounds, 10 assists, and five steals in a 103-100 win against Memphis.In the fourth quarter.

Oklahoma City scored 24 points, and Westbrook scored or assisted on 19 of those. He dropped in 11 of the last 14 points by himself. It was yet another vicious, brutal Westbrook takeover, following a long season of Westbrook fourth quarter dominance that has left fourth quarters themselves shellshocked by the NBALive wiki sheer explosive power he keeps exerting.You might remember in a previous matchup against Memphis.

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