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Players therefore get two weeks and RS gold

"With the technical improvements that helped us to support RuneScape and Old School RuneScapeour tools no longer match Classic. This is especially a problem with respect to the safety of the players RS gold and in regards to discovery of cheating. The game can now be readily misused by various third party tools, and players using computer programs to play for themselves have become an ever larger problem.

But, Jagex has not supported RuneScape Classic for many decades, but feel it is just now that the issue is now severe enough. Mistakes which spoil the gaming experience also appear with increasing frequencies, and instead of waiting for something to occur every single day, the developer chose to take the matter in his own hands.

Players therefore get two weeks and a bit of a last goodbye with the sport. Until August 6, it is going to work normally, but then the servers will close down once and for all. Jagex will still run RuneScape - the modern version of the game - and Old School RuneScape - a more recent variant of the first.The triple j call and text is, usually, a pretty bloody mixed bag. The majority of the time, it is full of people calling Dr. Karl to big online shop settle a wager they have with their mates about farts, or desperately requesting a free ticket to Splendour in the Grass. Standard music radio things.

But sometimes, a caller makes it on the air with a tale that is so magnificent, so wondrous so stupid-it-has-to-be-true it completely floors the hosts and listeners alike.

Publicerat klockan 07:32, den 16 november 2018
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