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When Lionel Messi showed off his

When Lionel Messi showed off his remarkable shirt collection he demonstrated the incredible array of talent he has played against in his career.The Barcelona man needs a whole room to house the shirts he has swapped with other stars around the world, from Francesco Totti to Thierry Henry, with kits on the walls, the ceiling and below the floor.But not every shirt belonged to a big star. Alongside the likes of Yaya Toure, Raul and Philipp Lahm was  a lot of bonus Ajax shirt of Nicolai Boilesen, now of Copenhagen.


"Forced" to put this on the Wall now 😉😁 #thebesttoeverdoit💯 #idonthaveafancyfloor 😜 A post shared by Nicolai Boilesen (@boilesen) on May 9, 2017 at 11:11am PDTLionel Messi poses with his remarkable collection of shirts accumulated over his career - including one from Nicolai Boilesen (bottom left) MESSI VS BOILSEN - THE TALE OF THE TAPE Lionel Messi Name Nicolai Boilesen 29 Age25 Argentina Country Denmark.


Forward Position Defender 117Caps 15 Barcelona Clubs Ajax, Copenhagen 562 Career goals 1 La Liga (x8), Copa del Rey (x4), Champions League (x4), Club World Cup (x3), Olympic Gold, Ballon d'Or (x5), European Golden Shoe (x3), FIFA World XI (x10), World Cup golden ball, Copa America MVP, Argentina all time team Major Honours Eredivisie (x4)


Danish Superliga, Denmark U21 Player of the Year And while the Danish defender might have been honoured, it seems as though he also felt pressured to return the favour.Boilesen appears to have just framed the shirt he received from Messi four years ago, putting it on his wall on Thursday.And the 25-year-old joked that he had been 'forced' to do it in response to Messi, while also quipping that he doesn't have a fancy floor to store his mementos. Boilesen posted a buy OSRS gold picture to Instagram with the caption: "Forced" to put this on the Wall now #thebesttoeverdoit #idonthaveafancyfloor.

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