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'The majority of the Saudi side are Muslim

USvKSA,' a man named Adam tweeted.Others called for official measures to be taken against the team. 'I hope FFA call out Saudi Arabia on the clear lack of respect shown prior to Maplestory 2 Mesos KO. Not participating in the minutes silence is disgusting,' user PG3_12 wrote. 

A Saudi fan attempted to explain the minute of silence was not part of their culture, but Australian fans did not want a bar of itHowever, some Saudi fans claimed it was not within Islamic culture to take a moment of silence to respect the dead.'They come from a different culture. They just don't understand the point of being silence for a minute to show sadness.. we never do it in KSA,' one fan wrote.

'The majority of the Saudi side are Muslim, and to honour the dead, it is understood they pray, give to charity and speak highly of the person, but rarely observe silence.Minutes of silence are a common occurrence in the Premier League, and Muslim players are not known to boycott the mark of respect. 

The game added extra tension to an already important match, but Australia came out on top with a score of 3-2.Saudi FA, FFA, FIFA and the AFC have been approached for comment. Some fans called for official measures to be taken against the Saudi team (pictured: the Australian team observing the Click here to register minute of silence) Outraged fans were at least given a reason to smile later in the game as Australia beat Saudi Arabia 3-2

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