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To be able to have a Mythic you need to create

To be able to have a Mythic you need to create 50 clones LV 82 + 281 million Mesos. Each acc lv 82 has 2.8m so that you simply must earn 141 million more meshes Maplestory 2 Mesos only.

It's possible to see this guy's stunned feat. So to own only a very powerful Mythic, the participant needed to lose 50 clone x 9 hours = 450 hours. If you do not eat not sleeping, just clone plow, you also have to spend... almost 3 weeks. While MapleStory M new launch was ... really new attitude"plow" of Deadly players: D

The trick is for free people, don't wish to put in money. Song should also recognize that is quite a viable, if you play"túc t?c" then approximately half a year is complete.

MapleStory M is available on the Play Store as an biggest Maplestory 2 Mesos English language open beta

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