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Update: It has been pointed out to fortnite items

Update: It has been pointed out to me by a friend (who is far better than me with fortnite items a 27 percent winrate) the mythical burst rifle will ruin structures twice as fast as the rare one, as a result of the damage growth.

Presently the burst AR is unused by high tech players Due to the way it's damage interacts with constructions:

A rare burst AR takes minimum 2 bursts to destroy immediately put wood(min100hp+1 tick(13hp)) and brick (90hp+(9hp), but it can destroy metal in 1 burst (80hp+9).That means you may exchange one clip for 5 partitions and the competitor has period between jumps to manoeuvre.The mythical bullpup would destroy any instantly placed object in one burst excluding wooden walls.This doubles the financial efficiency of ammo versus mats permitting for 10 participant structures per clip and hooks in the individual under fire more effectively. TL;dr the mythical burst will destroy structures twice as efficiently as the rare edition.

Update 2: Alright, I will consider this confirmed. Epic has just tweeted about downtime before tomorrow and said "Burst on the battlefield, tomorrow," so if that is not a hint, I don't know what's. Expect these weapons from the game tomorrow.

Update 3: This has been verified, and it seems the issue was that the leak was true, but the art was incorrect. It was really using the G36 from Save the World, but the closing new burst rifle is visit this page a FAMAS, that is actually a Bullpup style with all the magazine in the trunk.

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